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Introduction & Preparation

A good foundation takes a little extra time up front, but it pays big dividends in the long run. That’s why it’s important for us to evaluate your business model and figure out what makes you tick. 

Historical Assessment

We learn about your business and get a clear picture of your finances.

Catch Up / Clean Up

We take a deep dive into your books. We’ll fix things and get you up to date.

QuickBooks Conversion

Coming from a spreadsheet or another platform? We’ll help you make the switch.

QuickBooks Training

We train you and your team how to use QuickBooks Online. You can do it!

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Bookkeeping & Payroll

The best bookkeepers today aren’t just well-organized. They know how to use the latest tools to automate tasks and integrate software solutions that streamline the whole process. 

Transaction Processing

We’re not afraid of a little elbow grease when it comes to reconciling accounts.

Receipt Capture

Tracking all those receipts doesn’t have to be a thorn in your flesh.

Payroll Oversight

Your employees should be paid on time. So should their withholdings.

App Integration

Simplifying your record keeping is possible. The internet is your friend.

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Accounting & Reporting

We work hard to deliver the kind of information that makes a difference in your decision-making process. We succeed when we bring your business to light.

Periodic Reporting

Balance Sheet, Cashflow, Income, oh my! We’ve got you covered.

Financial Analysis

How’s your revenue per employee? Can you afford that new location?

Sales Tax Filing

Let us manage your periodic state and local sales tax payments.

Goal Setting

What comes next, and how can you get there? Let’s set some goals!

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Advisory & Strategy

It’s not just about information. You need someone to partner with you through the unintended consequences of each fork in the road. Choices don’t have to hinder your progress. Let’s keep you moving forward.

Cash Flow Projections

When is the best time to invest in your business, hire new staff, or change prices?

Key Performance Indicators

You need Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound benchmarks.

Profitability / Debt Reduction

Is that project or new product line worth your time? If so, how do you pay for it?

Employee Analytics

Have you looked at your revenue per employee? What about a benefits package?

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Turn that stress into success.

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